Inspired is the Bible for product managers. In it, Marty collates the best practices from the top Big Tech and Silicon Valley startups and organization where product market fit is the only way to survival. He covers people, teams, vision, roadmaps, processes, techniques, and culture at the best product companies.


AI Summary: Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love, written by Marty Cagan, is an invaluable resource for product leaders, product managers, and entrepreneurs. In this book, Cagan provides an in-depth look at the process of creating products that customers love. He draws on his extensive experience in product management and product development to share insights and best practices from some of the most successful product teams in the world. Cagan starts by introducing the concept of customer-centric product management and explains why it is so important for product teams to have a deep understanding of their customers. He then dives into the key principles of product management, including the importance of having a clear product vision and strategy, understanding the customer problem, and creating a great user experience. He also outlines the best practices for product discovery and product development, from the early stages of idea generation to the launch of the product. Throughout the book, Cagan provides detailed case studies and examples of successful products, offering readers a chance to learn from the successes of others. He also provides an in-depth look at the organizational challenges involved in product management, including how to build a successful product team, how to manage stakeholders, and how to foster innovation in large organizations. Overall, Inspired is an essential resource for anyone interested in creating successful products. Cagan’s insights and best practices provide readers with the tools and knowledge they need to become successful product leaders.