About me

Product Hustle Stack is Sean Scott’s attempt at helping demystify product management and empowering all to join the ranks.

What is Product Hustle Stack?

At its most basic, Product Hustle Stack is a resource where you'll be able to find, both the tools that are leveraged by product managers daily to help them make decisions, stay on track and understand product market fit, and the resources to help you become the very best product manager, whether you are an aspiring product manager or a seasoned veteran.

How do I submit a resource I created or found useful?

Submissions are the life blood of the this site. To submit a podcast, book, tool and anything else really click here

How I provide Feedback?

To provide feedback on the site, report or error or suggest a new feature click here

How is Product Hustle Stack Built?

This site was inspired by the no code movement. Our weapons of choice were Notion, Airtable, Figma and Super for hosting

How do I get in touch with you?

For inquiries or anything else, DM @kalisurfer on Twitter, or email sean.net@gmail.