Competing Against Luck

Clay Christensen's ideas and books are nothing short of mind blowing. The Father of Jobs to be done, this is a must on any respectable strategist enthusiast bookshelf, virtual or otherwise.


The foremost authority on innovation and growth presents a path-breaking book every company needs to transform innovation from a game of chance to one in which they develop products and services customers not only want to buy, but are willing to pay premium prices for. How do companies know how to grow? How can they create products that they are sure customers want to buy? Can innovation be more than a game of hit and miss? Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has the answer. A generation ago, Christensen revolutionized business with his groundbreaking theory of disruptive innovation. Now, he goes further, offering powerful new insights.

AI Summary: Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice, by Clayton Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David Duncan, is an exploration of how companies can create and capture lasting customer loyalty through innovation. It provides a framework for understanding how customers make decisions and for developing strategies to create products and services that customers truly value. The authors explain the concept of “jobs to be done”—the process of understanding the customer’s underlying needs and motivations—and show how companies can use this concept to identify and create products that customers will love. The book explains how to develop a “theory of jobs” to identify customer needs and develop products that meet those needs. It also provides guidance on building an innovation team, creating an innovation strategy, and managing the process of innovation. Competing Against Luck is a comprehensive guide to understanding customer needs and creating products and services that customers will value and remain loyal to.