Sachin Rekhi 3 Types of Product Managers

Both as the PM and the hiring manager, its great to understand what type of PM you are or are looking for and is best suited for the role.


According to Sachin Rekhi, there are three types of Product Managers. They are: 1) Builders

  • The builders are what most people would consider the traditional product manager. As product managers are often seen as defining the what  for their product, they are responsible for driving the roadmap for an existing product to build ever more useful, usable, and delightful experiences to serve the needs of their target users

2) Tuners

  • These folks are analytical ninjas. They know everything there is to know about executing A/B tests and spend as much time improving the velocity of their testing, improving their testing infrastructure, or improving their analysis capabilities. 3) Innovators
  • Innovators are constantly prioritizing their team efforts based on assessing the riskiest aspects of their product strategy, designing the right approach to validate it, and iterating until they come up with the right answer.



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