Rushabh Doshi
OKRs are incredibly useful but it takes a long time for OKR usage to become effective. Shortcut your company's learning process by understanding and implementing the following ten ideas
Learn how to measure real progress as a Product Team by utilizing Outcome OKRs from this free workshop recording from my session at one of Workpath's Quarterly Event.
"Radical Focus is a must-read for anyone who wants to accomplish out-sized results. Christina does a great job showing both the why and the how of OKRs. Avoid the all-too-common mistakes by reading this book first." (Teresa Torres, author Continuous Discovery Habits)
In this condensed book Itamar shares what he considers the most important factors to OKR success, based on their experience at Google and other companies. You'll find battle-tested principles, practices and tips for how to get OKRs right without the overhead and pain.
To stay competitive in today's market, organizations need to adopt a culture of customer-centric practices that focus on outcomes rather than outputs. Companies that live and die by outputs often fall into the "build trap", cranking out features to meet their schedule rather than the customer's needs.
Itimar Gilad
OKRs are a great way to set goals and measure progress. They’re a good way to keep your team focused on the right things. But they’re not a silver bullet.
John Doerr
While OKRs have gotten a lot of attention, this book introduces us to their birth at Intel and subsequent evolution at Google.