OKRs Done Right

Another great resource with examples and sample OKRs to help you get on the right track to implement OKRs within your organization


In this condensed book Itamar shares what he considers the most important factors to OKR success, based on their experience at Google and other companies. You'll find battle-tested principles, practices and tips for how to get OKRs right without the overhead and pain.

AI Summary: OKRs Done Right by Itamar Gilad is a comprehensive guide to setting up and managing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in any organization. The book provides a step-by-step approach to setting up and managing OKRs, from understanding the basics to implementing them in an organization. Itamar explains the importance of setting and managing OKRs, the common mistakes to avoid, and how to measure success. He also provides practical advice on how to structure and manage OKRs, as well as how to use them to drive performance and innovation. Additionally, Itamar covers the importance of communication and collaboration between teams and departments to ensure successful implementation of OKRs. Finally, the book includes several case studies of successful OKR implementations that demonstrate how the process can be used to drive organizational transformation. Overall, OKRs Done Right is an essential guide for anyone looking to implement OKRs in their organization.